Hello, I'm Mark Fischer. I am a Digital Experience Architect at ArcBest.


My Hungarian Language Learning Journey

Jó napot! I have decided to finally make a serious attempt at learning Hungarian. I will be trying to blog in Hungarian occasionally, and then posting the English translation in the second half of the post. Also, in case anyone is curious, I am using the Hungarian 101-key keyboard layout....

Is a bell noisy if there is no bike to attach it to

There was once a young lady named Bella Who fancied herself at Coachella She wanted a blog post Instead got a blog roast I don’t know how to end this poem wella.

Sharpie Stainless Steel Pen Refill Update

I have finally tried another refill with my Sharpie pen that I think is much similar to the original. The refill is a Schmidt 6040 FineLiner Fiber Tip Metal Refill M. I wish they made a Fine version, but this is close enough. It doesn’t bleed, and feels similar to...