Author: Mark Fischer, Jr.
Posted: Jun 21, 2021
Categories: magyar

One Month of Hungarian

I’ve been learning Hungarian for a little over a month now. Due to being busy in real-life, I didn’t create a “Four Weeks of Hungarian” post. It’s also why this post is a week late. I’m going to switch from this structured-series style of post to posting about my journey with the Hungarian language occasionally when I have the time or desire. I have gotten past the point where I am learning new concepts every day and am now getting to the point where I am practicing what I already know while adding new concepts periodically. I am also working on expanding my Hungarian vocabulary.

Because of all this, this post is shorter than I the previous ones. I’ll leave you with a feature of the Hungarian language that I learned recently and found cool.

Hungarian has verb endings depending on the person of the subject. So szeretsz is “you love”, szeretek is “I love”, etc. However, there is a special situation where the person of the subject and the object matters. When the subject is in the first person (“I/én” or “we/mi”) and the object is in the second person (“you/téged” or “y’all/titeket”) there is a special verb ending of -lek/-lak.

So, szeretlek means “I love you”. Szeretlek titeket means “I love y’all”. I think this is an interesting language feature, that the subject and object can be completely summed up in a verb ending.