Author: Mark Fischer, Jr.
Posted: Aug 19, 2016
Tags: javascript

Getting started with the HTML5 notification API

I used the HTML5 notification API for the first time today, it’s actually much more simple than I expected. There are two functions you need to know about:

// to ask for permission

// to display a notification
new Notification(message);

Before you actually display the notification, you need to ask for permission, like so:


We want to display the notification after giving permission, so we just stick that in a callback:

Notification.requestPermission(function () {
   if (Notification.permission === 'granted') {
      new Notification('test');

And you’re done! If you want to check that the browser supports the Notification API, you can use the following test:

function browserSupportsNotifications() {
   return "Notification" in window;